Average monthly CO2 Footprint

38.35 kg per month

Average monthly CO2 Footprint38.35 kg per month

Acetra at ECO BUILT

Acetra – Dusan Milutinovic delivered an engaging presentation at the Eco Built event, focusing on the topic of developing structural designs for mass timber projects. One notable case study he discussed was the Kautokeino School.

During his talk, Dusan Milutinovic highlighted the innovative approach taken in the structural design of the Kautokeino School. This project demonstrated the immense potential of mass timber in creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing educational spaces.

Dusan Milutinovic highlighted the various design challenges encountered and the creative solutions implemented in the construction of the Kautokeino School. The integration of mass timber components not only provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere but also showcased the versatility and adaptability of timber in large-scale construction.