Structural design is a piece of art for us. We create a place where vision meets skills. 


Acetra structural design office was founded in 2008 in Serbia. With headquarters in Belgrade, and a branch office (in Finland), we are a group of experienced engineers whose aim is to build a healthier and more sustainable future for all. 

In 2012 we formed a new department, Ace Timber, specialized in timber engineering. Since then, our team of engineers has understood the potential of timber as the material of the future, and now, 9 years later, we can call our team an expert in timber design. 


We cover structural design for different types of mass timber projects such as Residential projects, Commercial projects,  Hotel projects, Public buildings, Schools, Sport centres, Halls, etc

We work closely with our clients ( architects, developers, contractors, CLT manufacturers) to find the best solutions using the least we can. With each project we push ourselves and our clients to think creatively and out of the box.

Our scope of work goes from concept and schematic design providing consulting service at the beginning of developing a project, through detail design and structural calculations up to production and assembly documentation, including support during assembly phase. 

MAIN principles

Our engineering practice is guided with 4 principles: 



What we value the most is a strong connection with our clients.


Now it’s the time to act, and we do so by building a strong team of engineers who believe in the power and strength of mass timber. Possibilities of wood are endless, and anything you can imagine that concrete does, wood can do as well, with a better environmental footprint. We believe that by choosing timber we choose a healthier and more sustainable future. By finding the strongest solutions with the least amount of material for each project, we are making a change in our surroundings. ,


We expect our staff to be the leaders in the engineering industry.