We support our clients with a wide range of structural design services crafted for architects, developers, contractors and CLT producers.


Structural studies

Analysis of structure and providing best solution  

Preliminary (concept) structural design 

Value Engineering

Detailed structural design  

Calculation  documentation  

Production documentation 

Assembly documentation    

Support during contracting

Structural studies

Analysis of structure and providing best solution  

Preliminary (concept) structural design 

Providing sustainable solutions

Preliminary cost estimations of structure

Preliminary CO2 calculations

Following design development to achieve estimated CO2 footprint of structure

CO2 calculation of structural constructions

Supporting sustainable solutions with green structure

Supporting carbon neutral building footprint


Developers – Get the most out of your project by having a structural consultant engineer by your side. When working with developers we find the best structural solutions that are cost effective from the start of the project all the way through assembly.

Architects We help architects build their dream ideas. Supporting you from the concept phase, to find the best structural solutions for your project. Our goal is to keep the architectural idea while making the most cost effective and buildable structure with devise and following CO2 strategy. The sooner we start the better.

Contractors – We know the industry and we are here to help you with what you need. We are able to provide you with full support in development of mass timber project with precise structural calculation and project documentation. By providing you with maximum development support that includes project documentation we can ensure safe assembly.

CLT Manufacturers – Our team work closely with CLT, GL, LVL producers. We are preparing all production documentation and adjusting the project to producer capability and needs. We are happy to support you with structural analysis, making production documentation, assembly documentation and supporting you during assembly process.