Kautokeino CTL school


Andenes, Norway

CLT/Timber Structure

Kautokeino school project is a project of a new school building in Kautokeino municipality. New, modern, environmentally friendly school is going to be built instead of the existing school and it will have a sports hall and pool. 

Complete school building is CLT structure, except pool building and retaining walls and foundation. School building has a total area of about 5000 m2on two stories, both built in CLT. 

Roof and floor slabs are big span CLT panels with spans up to 7 m. Main load bearing structure for vertical and horizontal loads consists of CLT walls that, due to fire protection and acoustic requirements, have thicknesses up to 220 mm. Big open spaces in the building like the central atrium are covered using strong GL beams that support CLT slabs. 

The CLT roof of the volleyball hall is supported on 1.1 m high GL beams that have a span of 16.5 m. CLT is used, except for the main structure, also for the atrium and other stairs in the building. Walls and the stair faces mostly have visibleCLT surfaces which give the building a pleasant interior look.

For construction of this school will use a total volume of timber of about 2100 m3 and, because of the big footprint, will be  designed, produced and assembled floor by floor divided in two zones. 

Designed, produced and assembled – 2021




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