Energy efficiency in construction

Energy efficiency in construction is one of the trending topics in 2021. As a building material, timber has better energy saving and carbon reduction performance than other traditional building materials, such as bricks, RC, and steel. When compared to wood framed buildings, RC-framed buildings consume approximately 80% more energy during the material production stages and release about 100–200% more net GHG emissions.

Energy efficiency in construction needs to be addressed as a serious matter

Wood may store approximately 1.10 tons of CO2 per cubic meter. Even after wood harvesting, much of the carbon stored in forest products may not be released for decades.

The construction industry needs to address energy efficiency as a serious matter in the next few decades to reduce the amount of pollution and resources that it currently wastes. It’s our common global responsibility to do so and CLT has proved a cost efficient, versatile and modern solution.




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