Villa Sveberg


Trondheimsfjord, Norway

CLT/Timber Structure

Villa Sveberg project is a two-storey single dwelling house with a breathtaking view over Trondheim’s fjord. In a perfect blend of architectural elegance and sustainable construction, timber design in this cottage not only creates an exceptional living space but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

The ground floor structure consists of concrete and timber frame walls, while the structure of the upper floor consists of CLT slabs and walls and glulam beams and columns.

The lateral stability of the structure is ensured by the perimeter CLT and concrete floors walls, connected together by CLT slabs and glulam beams.

Roof of the building is design as one-way CLT slabs supported by CLT walls, GL beams and as a timber frame roof over the central area. CLT walls and GL post and beam structure receive vertical loads from the roof slabs and lateral loads from wind and seismic loads.

CLT walls and floor structure of the villa are supported by concrete walls and GL beams connected to GL columns and concrete walls by special steel brackets. Floor is a mixed structure made of CLT, timber frame slabs and concrete base depending on a location.

The precision and strength of mass timber construction has allowed to achieve high-end finishing and exceptional quality for Villa Sveberg. Not only does the use of timber enhance the aesthetic appeal of the villa, but it also provides a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution. We are proud to have collaborated closely with our clients, architect Symre ARK, contractor Byggmester Helseth AS, developers Lignatec massivtre AS, timber producer ZÜBLIN Timber and connection producer Pitzl to bring this remarkable project to life.

Villa is designed, produced and assembled during 2021.




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