Villa Lundberg



CLT/Timber Structure

Villa Lundberg is designed divided in three connected parts: two-story living area, two-story sleeping area and ground floor multifunctional area between these two houses. Total area of the building is about 200 sqm.

Structure is made almost completely of timber – CLT walls and slabs and GL posts and beams which is the main thing that makes this villa environmentally sustainable.

Living part has duo-pitched roof supported by the walls. In this part only over half of the area is mezzanine level while other half is open to the roof. Huge open area in living part of the building requires clean surfaces of CLT, not interrupted with beams and columns, so for the supporting and stability of duo-pitched roof we adopted solution without visible beams by using tension rods on half of the roof CLT slabs.

Sleeping part is classic two-story house with roof and floor slabs supported on CLT walls. CLT roof slabs are supported on the top by the long span steel beam placed outside of the roof so it does not affect visible surfaces and joint of CLT in the roof ridge.

Part in between is closed with CLT and glazed walls below the green roof. This is simple flat roof structure supported on CLT walls and GL beam spanned between houses.   

Building is designed, produced and assembled during summer of 2021.




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