Villa Lindberg


Svartgarn, Sweden

CLT/Timber Structure

This single story building is made completely out of timberMain building has a total area of approximately 200 m2 and in front of the building is a terrace with a pergola over it. 

Building is located on rocky terrain so it is raised over the terrain on Gl and steel columns that are covered with timber and GL beams.

This structure supports CLT floors and CLT walls. Additional structure for insulation is made under the floor to hold wood fiber insulation in place. Flat roof structure is similar to floor with additional decorative rafters below CLT and thick, sloped insulation layer over it. Long pergola outside is suspended on

steel rods attached to roof walls. 

Some columns for which it was possible to build concrete foundation have fixed, moment connection to the foundation and secure building stability due to horizontal, wind loads. Rest of columns are connected directly to the rock with simple pinned connection and transfer only vertical loads.  

Most of the interior has visual CLT surfaces even including doors and suspended ceiling in corridors. All installations are hidden in the floor, roof or walls to avoid cuts on CLT surfaces.  

Considering that the corridor is exposed, slabs on each story had to be subjected to a snow load of 4.57 kN/m2 .

Building is designed, produced and assembled during summer 2021.




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