Turebergshuset CLT project


Sollentuna, Sweden

CLT/Timber Structure

Turebergshuset is project of additional entrance building for reconstructed and renovated old concrete building. Entrance building is about 7 m high and located along longer side of the main building.

Main structure of the building is simple structure of GL columns and beams that supports CLT roof. Total length of the building is about 67 m and total width about 8 m with raster of columns of 7.2 m x 6 m.

This building is made as independent structure from the main building, except supporting for lateral wind loads in one direction. Horizontal stability in direction along longer side is secured with steel cross bracings.  

Except main structure, building also have lower roof above revolving doors supported on main columns and additional steel columns and staircase with the bridge corridor for the second floor.

Staircase is made of CLT panels with corridor on second floor level. This bridge corridor is supported on main construction – on one side on the beam and on the other hanged on the roof.

Special attention is paid to the connection of the structure to the existing building. Because of allowed loading of the existing structure in only one direction, connections of main GL beams to the existing building are specifically designed to transfer only lateral loads in their direction. This is achieved with elongated holes in two directions which allows movement and deflections.





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