Sjöstadsorangeriet – CLT residential buildings


Stockholm, Sweden

Hybrid project :

CLT/Timber ; Steel and Concrete Structure

Carbon negative structure:
– 659 T of #CO2 is stored in the structure
– 193.8 kg/sqm of #CO2 is stored in the structure

Two commercial and residential buildings in the quiet, green Ekerö area near Stockholm, Sweden

Upper floors have continuous two-span slabs that are supported on external 140 mm CLT walls and 160 mm middle wall. Strict criteria for vibration design, that led to 200 mm thick slabs, ensured peace and quiet in all apartments in these buildings. Soundproofing and acoustic comfort between apartments is achieved with a high – performance resilient profile that can bear high loads in the buildings.

Pleasant wooden look with green rooftop gives them unique appearance.

45 degrees roof slopes that span over two last floors are covered with green, living roof that makes excellent adaptation of buildings to the environment.
Due to big loads taken from upper floors above, significant change of structural system and limited space for construction, first levels of both buildings have strong steel frame structure. Still, on these first levels walls and slabs are made of CLT supported on these steel beams and columns. Elevator and staircase shafts together with stiff steel frames on the sides and bracing secures buildings from lateral loads.

High shaft walls (14 m and 17.6 m) are made from two high CLT panels and between them are located elevators and staircases.

Entrances and corridors in buildings are left with visual CLT surfaces. Even the railings on the staircases are made of CLT so complete staircases have a pleasant wooden look.

Complete project with two buildings is made with more than 750 CLT elements and about 56 t of steel.




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