Risvollan Barnehage – Mass Timber Kindergarten


Trondheim, Norway

CLT/Timber Structure

The aim of this project was to develop a modern and ecologically sustainable solution for a mass timber kindergarten. The object itself implements mainly CLT and Glulam elements in combination with steel beams, which is the solution that exploits the best traits of both materials. The resulting structure has wide spans between supporting CLT walls and Glulam columns which enables wide open areas, such as the dining room and common room for children, whilst remaining lighter and cheaper than other alternatives, thanks to the extensive use of CLT elements. Visual surfaces of most CLT walls contribute to the all-round warm and welcoming environment, suiting for perfect kindergarten. 

The CLT structure above concrete basement has two levels. Considering the use of the object, structural elements are designed for supporting high intensity loads. By implementing CLT walls ranging in thickness from 100mm to 140mm, all structural requirements were met. Main load bearing walls are made from two joined CLT walls with thickness of 100mm. In this project, the use of CLT walls with thickness of 140mm was sufficient even for elevator shaft walls that bear considerable loads. Roof and floor slabs are one span CLT panels, or continuous CLT panels with three spans, ranging in thickness from 120mm to 160mm, with achieved spans of up to 4600mm. Staircases are also noteworthy since they span on 3 levels, from basement which is a concrete substructure to the first floor, and they are entirely made of CLT and Glulam elements.

The scale of the building is best demonstrated trough the amount of material used for its construction – in total about 230 tons of cross laminated timber and 20 tons of glued laminated timber were used. All of the applied uses of timber products in this construction are a testament to their versatility and wide range of positive traits, from very reliable structural elements capable of bearing high intensity loads, to very aesthetically pleasing interior architectural touch, all whilst remaining sustainable, environment-friendly and energy efficient.




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