Office building in Marnach


Marnach, Luxembourg

CLT/Timber Structure

Office building located in Marnach, Luxembourg.

The building has two floors and a rectangular base with dimensions of 11.9×27.8m and a total height of 12m. The mezzanine panels are made of 240 mm thick cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels.

The slabs are continuous in two fields with spans of 6 m each.

It’s interesting that the elevator shaft is also made of CLT walls thickness of 200 mm, which extend the entire height of the building without interruption.

The roof of the building is also made of CLT panels with a thickness of 180 mm, except for the part where the ceiling is suspended by the elevator hooks, so the thickness of the ceiling is 240 mm. There are two separate staircases, made entirely of CLT.

About 3 tons of steel, 7 tons of glued laminated timber and about 210 tons of cross-laminated timber were used for the building.





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