CLT Office building in Marnach


Marnach, Luxembourg

Office building located in Marnach, Luxembourg.

The building is a modern and sustainable construction that showcases the benefits of using cross-laminated timber (CLT) as a building material. 

The use of CLT in this building is extensive and can be seen in the mezzanine panels, elevator shaft, roof, and staircases. The thickness of the CLT used in these different parts of the building ranges from 180 mm to 240 mm, indicating that the architects and engineers have carefully considered the load-bearing requirements of each element.

One unique aspect of the building is that the elevator shaft is also made of CLT. This is a clever design choice as it eliminates the need for a separate elevator shaft, which would have taken up valuable floor space. Additionally, the use of CLT in the elevator shaft extends the entire height of the building without interruption, which adds to the overall aesthetic of the building.

The roof of the building is also noteworthy as it is made of CLT panels, except for the part where the ceiling is suspended by the elevator hooks. Here, the thickness of the ceiling is increased to 240 mm, indicating that this area is subject to higher loads.

The building also features two separate staircases, which are made entirely of CLT. This is a testament to the versatility and strength of CLT as a building material.

In total, about 3 tons of steel, 7 tons of glued laminated timber and about 210 tons of cross-laminated timber were used for the construction of the building. This demonstrates the impressive scale and complexity of the building, and the significant amount of resources that were used in its construction.

Overall, the building is a great example of how modern construction techniques and materials can be used to create sustainable and beautiful structures that are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.




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