Menighetshus CLT church



CLT/Timber Structure

Carbon negative structure:
– 159.18 T of #CO2 is stored in the structure
– 248.7 kg/sqm of #CO2 is stored in the structure

Two-story church house with a terrace on top built completely with CLT panels located in Harstad town in the far north of Norway

Unique shape, big floor area and unevenly distributed internal walls made the structural system in this building different on each floor. Depending on the position, most of the CLT floor slabs are made with two or three spans which provides optimal use of CLT and reduces the number of elements that makes the assembly process faster. Unusual shape of building and roof led to interesting structural solutions with sloped beams, hanged floor slabs and 2 m high CLT beams. When the height of the ceiling didn’t allow us to use high GL beams, we made these from steel H profiles.

Big and high lunch area on one end of the building is opened to the roof and surrounded with high CLT walls and big glass opening on one side. Over this room spanned the strongest and the thickest CLT roof slabs with 240 mm thickness and doubled outer layers in load bearing direction.Most of the elements are visible from one side, while on the other side is insulation that insulates rooms from sounds and protects wood from fire. Building has one main staircase and one staircase located in one two-story apartment both with visual CLT surfaces.

251 CLT elements were needed in order to achieve this unique and interesting shape.




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