Mass Timber Residential Project


Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

CLT/Timber Structure

Hamranes is a residential project in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, consisting of two buildings. These buildings primarily utilize CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) and Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) elements, with additional support from steel columns, steel beams, and a concrete foundation.

Building A is a seven-story structure with a remarkable height of 22m. Except for the concrete basement, the walls are constructed using CLT with varying thicknesses ranging from 100mm to 140mm. The external load-bearing walls consist of a single CLT 120 wall, while the main internal load-bearing walls are double CLT 100 walls, extending to the typical floor height of 3.15m. The elevator and staircase shaft walls are also made of CLT. The slabs primarily consist of CLT 160 panels, supported by CLT walls, glulam beams, and steel columns.

Building B is a smaller, four-story building. It shares similar structural elements with Building A but features a ground floor that tapers inward, creating a reduced space intended for parking. Both buildings have external corridors that connect to the main structure at specific points, ensuring lateral stability by transferring only horizontal loads to the main building.

The Hamranes project showcases the diverse applications of timber products. Its beautiful and modern design, coupled with reliability and safety, serves as a promising example for the future of timber structures.


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