KF School


Stavanger, Norway


CLT/Timber Structure

Carbon negative structure:
– 536.5 T of #CO2 is stored in the structure
– 119.20 kg/sqm of #CO2 is stored in the structure

KF Skolen is located in Stavanger Norway, it consists of four CLT multi-story buildings

This school will have capacity for 364 pupils and 50 employees. First three CLT buildings have three stories made of CLT and they are placed on concrete underground structures. Fourth building, where the terrain level is lower, is completely made of CLT and this is the tallest CLT structure in the project (17.5 m). Complete structure above the terrain level is made of CLT walls and GL beams and columns. Floors are mostly made of multi-span slabs with thicknesses from 120 mm to 160 mm that are supported to the CLT walls and GL frame structure.

CLT walls are changing thicknesses from the bottom to the top. On the last floors there are very high CLT walls (about 5 m), but light roof structure and not too big snow load allow thinner walls. Lateral stability of all buildings is secured with external and internal CLT walls and in the highest fourth building with CLT elevator and staircase shaft.

The most interesting and visually good looking part of the project is the big atrium

Amphitheater stairs are made so that distribution of CLT is visible which makes an interesting visual effect. Big glass facade of the atrium provides a lot of light in this area and this facade is supported with several GL beams between buildings. Stairs for vertical communication are supported only on one column and two GL corridor bridges.

For making this project a total floor area of 4596 m2 is used more than 900 m3 of CLT and about 160 m3 of GL.





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