Hofdi Lodge hotel – Island



CLT/Timber Structure

Hofdi Lodge, located in the north part of Iceland, will be 5500 square meters hotel situated on 50-meter cliff above sea.

Building consists of four-story central main building with big terrasses on front side and four “wings” with luxurious rooms that will provide amazing view to the sea. These side “wings” are two- and three-story buildings of approximate length of 60 m separated by internal yard.

The structure of main building is made of steel elements with timber frame prefabricated floors and walls as secondary structural elements. Side “wings” of the building are made of prefabricated timber frame modules supported by steel structure, concrete foundation or other modules. Modules on the back side are put together over three stories while front side modules are resting on steel frames on the second level.

In this project, special attention is paid to the lateral loads, especially seismic load that is very high at this location (a=0.5g). Horizontal stability of this hybrid building is secured with bracings in main building (in walls and floors) and moment resisting steel frames in modular part of the building where, also, timber floors and walls act as diaphragms to transfer loads between steel frames.




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