Emma Hjorth Mass Timber School


Sandvika, Norway

CLT/Timber Structure

Emma Hjorth is a mass timber extension project located in Norway, Sandvika.

The project encompasses two distinct elements – a building addition to an existing school and a brand new sports hall. The addition will boast an impressive 1400m2 of space, while the sports hall will occupy an area of 1000m2 with dimensions of 26x38m and a span grid of 26m, reaching a height of 10m.

Designing a mass timber school or a sports facility always holds a special place in our hearts due to their significance in the community. This project presents the opportunity to work on both, adding a unique touch to the overall design. 

The use of mass timber in the construction of this school showcases the commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly building practices, providing a healthy and beautiful learning environment for future generations.

The sports hall, in particular, showcases the school’s commitment to sustainable construction, using large-span panels supported by columns and roof trusses. The hall’s sleek design not only meets functional requirements, but also elevates the architectural appeal. The addition to the school presents a different challenge altogether – seamlessly blending the old and new structures. This aspect of the project will be highlighted by the use of GL profiles with large spans, including columns standing at an impressive 11m tall.

Building is designed during 2023.




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