Doctor’s practice in Aalter – Made of modern materials


Aalter, Belgium

CLT/Timber Structure

Carbon negative structure:
– 57.52 T of #CO2 is stored in the structure

Praet is a mass timber villa located in Belgium.  

With this project, we see a unique case of combining new project made of modern materials, mass timber (CLT and GL) with an existing building that was built according to the traditional construction method.

This one-story building is made entirely out of wood, with additional steel columns and tension rods that help to overcome the large span
over the masonry building that is located beneath the roof ridge. It spreads over about 175 m2 going over the masonry building that has a total surface of  about 94 m2.

This is a unique case of combining the modern mass timber construction with the existing building which was built according to the traditional method of construction, with the intention of preserving it in its current state. This structure supports CLT floors and CLT walls with a total volume of about 40 m3.It was necessary to add steel elements to this building in order to overcome the large spans of 7 and 8.5 m and its height of 6.4m.

The front facade is made out of glass so it is possible to see clearly the interior of the building which has mostly visual CLT surfaces.




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