Oslo Bispevika – project development


Oslo, Norway

Timber Facade Design

Bispevika project consists of nine irregular cubic buildings with different dimensions, located in a new residential area on the waterfront in central Oslo. 

All buildings have unique designed facade covered with slate boards of different dimensions which makes those buildings recognizable on first look.

The total gross area of the project is 35 000 m2 with 300 units. The biggest buildings are 7-story structures with a height of about 24 m and a floor square shape of about 25 x 25 m.

The structure of the building is a mixed steel frame and concrete structure. All buildings are designed with similar structural principles. Behind the facade slate board is a prefabricated facade timber structure for which designing our team was in charge.

A timber facade has several layers of structure. The main frame is made of timber studs of 45×245 sizes, in which is placed thermal insulation. Inside layers are also made of timber frames, which accommodate electrical and other installations and support gypsum covering. The external layers are horizontal timber battens covered with the wind barrier gypsum boards that provide support for the aluminum frame on which slate boards are fixed. This aluminum layer between timber and finishing plate also provides the required facade ventilation.




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